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recycle up to 85% of in-house domestic water

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what is hydraloop?


HYDRALOOP is an innovative in-house water recycling system that treats and disinfects wastewater from showers, baths, and washing machines without the use of any filters, membranes, or chemicals. The treated water from a HYDRALOOP system meets the highest international standards, and can be reused for the washing machine, toilet flushing, irrigation, topping up the pool, or car washing.

who uses a hydraloop?

HYDRALOOP is suitable for any application where there is greywater from washing machines, wash hand basins, baths, and showers, and the wastewater would otherwise go to the municipal sewer or an onsite sewage tank

why use a hydraloop?

Illustrative Savings

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save water  Recycle up to 85% of in-house domestic water to flush, wash, irrigate & top-up pool

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A HYDRALOOP can recycle up to 85% of the total in-house domestic water used. For a suburban family of four, this would amount to water savings in excess of 100,000 litres per year.

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By installing a HYDRALOOP, users benefit from effortless compliance during periods of water restrictions, without the constraints and inconvenience of selective toilet flushing, shower water collection in buckets, and compromised laundry washing cycles.

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HYDRALOOP offers both environmental and financial savings. By reducing domestic water demand by up to 45%, this reduces sewage discharge by the same amount, whilst collectively reducing carbon emissions. These savings extend upstream and downstream of the HYDRALOOP, as water abstraction, treatment and distribution is reduced.

how does a hydraloop work?

the patented hydraloop water treatment process


HYDRALOOP offers a completely unique, modern and innovative treatment process. While other greywater treatment systems rely on filters or membranes which clog and require regular cleaning and maintenance, HYDRALOOP removes dirt, soap, and other pollutants without using any filters or chemicals. Instead the patented treatment system combines 6 proven processes namely:

1. Flotation

2. Sedimentation

3. Dissolved Air Flotation

4. Foam Fractionation

5. Aerobic Treatment

6. UV Disinfection.

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what makes hydraloop unique?

sophisticated yet simple

All key components within the HYDRALOOP system are continuously monitored, and in case of abnormal behaviour the system automatically switches to back-up water (mains or rainwater) and sends out an alert.

a new-generation appliance

With its stylish design and minimal footprint, HYDRALOOP can be installed anywhere in the home, most commonly in a laundry or garage. HYDRALOOP is almost completely silent at less than 44dB, equivalent to a modern domestic fridge, while the treatment cycle is underway.

Smart and automatic

HYDRALOOP is completely automatic, and can be monitored and managed using the HYDRALOOP Smartphone App. By connecting the HYDRALOOP unit to a local WiFi network, it will continuously monitor the system operation and notify the user of any incidents. The HYDRALOOP app shows the amount of water recycled and saved, and allows the user to select the priority for recycled water or backup water use. For example, if there is insufficient supply of recycled water, the HYDRALOOP can automatically switch to the back-up water supply.

energy efficient

With a low-voltage circuit, small pump, blower, and UV-light, HYDRALOOP uses minimal power and is well-suited to off-grid dwellings that rely on alternate power generation such as solar PV or wind.

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